A new Cigar talk show featuring host, Aaron and John.

The Cigar Lounge talk show and LaVega cigar company was founded in December 2020 by former chef/rock drummer/jazz saxophonist and all around cigar enthusiast, Aaron “FURBY 2chainz” Paoletta. His shear love for Cigars was the reason the TV Show was created and it was that love that made him start his own line of cigars. He scoured many regions to find the perfect blends that would one day create his cigar company. After an extensive search, he finally found the blend that he wanted that brought you his signature label, LaVega Il Primo, but that was only the start. In 2021 two more signature labels were created. The Il Secundo and Il doppio. Now for those of you who do not understand Italian, the signature lines are the first, the second and the double. The signature labels were aptly named in honor of his Italian heritage. The cigars will be featured on his popular cigar show, the cigar lounge, which you can find on Amazon, iTunes, YouTube and many more platforms and will then introduced in to a few cigar shops in western Pennsylvania.

Shows beginning Feb, 5th 2021 and new episodes every 2 weeks

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